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Spam reports happen when a user has received your email and they feel it is not something they have signed up to receive.

Spam reports happen because:

  1. A user has clicked on the "Report as Spam" link that we automatically insert at the bottom of every email.
  2. A user has reported the email as spam to their Email Provider (such as Hotmail, or Gmail) and the email provider has let us know.

You can see how many people have reported your email as Spam on the Campaign Overview screen, but we do not show you who reported the email as junk.

When a user reports an email as spam the following happens:

  1. We are notified and we will look over your campaign to make sure you aren't sending anything you shouldn't be.
  2. If you receive a high number of spam reports we will pause your account and get in touch.
  3. The reporting user is automatically, and permanently removed from your account.

You can find out how to stay out of the Spam Folder, and avoid receiving Junk Reports on our Why are my emails going into spam/junk page.

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