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Once your campaign has been sent, you can immediately access a campaign overview page which details in real time who is reading your email, clicking links, unsubscribing and much more.

Here's how to view a live campaign...

Step 1.

Click the Campaigns tab on the left side of the SEMSblast Control Panel

Deleting a Campaign

Step 2.

In your list of campaigns, find a campaign that has been sent and click the VIEW button located towards the left of the page.

Deleting a Campaign 2

Step 3.

Clicking the view button takes you into the Campaign Overview page for a campaign. This page details exactly how well your campaign is performing and who is doing what.

Towards the top left of the screen you can see a graph that shows the first 48 hours of campaign performance. To the right you can see a pie chart that details the percentage splits between Opens, Bounces, Unsubscribes and Junk Reports, and below this you can see totals for emails sent, emails opened, links clicked, unsubscribers, bounces and junk reports.

You can also export campaign stats and links clicked as spreadsheets for use outside SEMSblast.

Further down the page you can see a preview of your newsletter sent, with heat maps over the links that have been clicked so you can quickly see which of your links have been performing and which haven't.

You can also share your campaign to Facebook using the Share to Facebook link, as well as sharing the campaign as a link you can paste anywhere (Your website, blog, etc)

Step 4.

Towards the top of the page there is a Campaign Navigation menu where you can drill deeper into specific parts of your campaign.

Deleting a Campaign 3

Here you can see the subscriber that opened your email and how many times, who clicked which links and how many times, who unsubscribed, and who bounced, and why.

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