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22Apr, 2016
Verify and Authenticate your Domains

Email authentication is becoming increasingly vital when attempting to reach peoples inboxes, and avoid the spam filter.

In fact, many of the major email providers such as Gmail and Hotmail are starting to make full authentication almost a requirement.

But setting up authentication is confusing, and there is no easy way to get your authentication in order without generating server side keys, figuring out SPF record formats, making sure your DNS entries are correct, etc, etc.

It's a steep learning curve to say the least.

Until now!

We've put together an authentication wizard which guides you gently through everything you need to do to get fully authenticated, and your emails being delivered like never before.

To get up to speed, we've create a video (above) which takes you through the new wizard.

To get started, login to SEMSblast and click ACCOUNT and then DOMAINS AND AUTHENTICATION to get authenticated (and hit those inbox's)

If you have any questions or get stock, feel free to Contact Us.

Until next time, here's to your new, improved inbox success :)

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