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    Segmentation and dynamic content make it easy to customize your message and send targeted emails to exactly the right contact.
    Everything you need to send effective email marketing campaigns that’s right for you is right here, with SEMSblast

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Our advanced features give you the power to extend your eMarketing to the next level. Email marketing is the most effective way to drive people to your door. Join more than 150,000 people who use SEMSblast to design and send millions of emails every day. Get Smart eMail Marketing Solution, an advanced email solution designed to handle your most complex challenges today.

Design a Newsletter

Create beautiful, clean email templates straight from your web browser using our ezCreator to design professional looking email. Craft a lasting impression on tablets, mobile phones or computers! Email has never looked this good.

Sending your Campaigns

You can even schedule campaigns to be sent at a specific date and time. Hit the inbox on time, every time! With our extensive range of IPs, we'll get your email to where you want it most: in front of your target market's eyes!

Realtime Reporting Success!

Watch in real time as people read your email, click links and shared your message. See where they were when they opened it and what device they used. You can even keep up to date with how your campaign is doing.

Pay as you go or Unlimited Sending - We Suit your Needs.

Our Unlimited Sending (Per Contact Plans) is great for regular senders. Save on frequent sending to your contacts, including daily sends. Simply use your email to create an account and start sending free emails today with our FREE FOREVER package. It’s a convenient way to test the waters before committing and requires no contracts and absolutely no fuss. What are you waiting for?

Rate plans below are base on Monthly subscriptions, Save 50% with an Annual account.


FREE /mo
  • Perfect for Freelancers
  • 1,000 Subscribers
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Responsive Email
  • Dashboard Analytics
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$18.00 /mo
  • Suitable for Startups
  • 2,500 Subscribers
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Responsive Email
  • Dashboard Analytics
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$36.00 /mo
  • Established Businesses
  • 5,000 Subscribers
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Responsive Email
  • Dashboard Analytics
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$63.00 /mo
  • Exactly what you need
  • 10,000 Subscribers
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Responsive Email
  • Dashboard Analytics
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Our Excellent


Grow your business and optimize your email marketing. We’ve worked with thousands of businesses like yours, so we know what it takes to get places with email marketing. Improve your performance with powerful analytics tools built for growing companies. So if you’re just getting started, looking for our latest resources, or interested in our API, everything you need is just a click, chat or call away – including our team.

  • Design Stunning Emails

    Design amazing, beautiful and clean emails and newsletters without an ounce of coding knowledge, or import your own HTML if you need a bit more power.

    Send & Track the Results

    Import contacts from any spreadsheet, website or form. Send campaigns and view the results in real time. We take care of unsubscribers and bounces for you!

  • World Wide Servers

    With mail servers located across the globe, from New York to Amsterdam, you can be sure your emails will be delivered.


    We've integrated with other popular websites and systems, including Workbooks, Zoho, Capsule, Webydo, Shopify, Weebly and many more...

Smart eMail Marketing Solution never worry about how your emails look on various screens, all SEMSblast templates and forms are mobile-ready right out of the box.
  • Creative design for brands of any size
  • Pre-configured Reports & Tracking
  • Advanced Contact & Lead Statistics
  • Complex, Flexible API Integration
  • High Volume Sending Capacity
  • Reliable Sending Infrastructure
  • World Class Inbox Delivery Rates

Getting Started with


We offer a simple way to send email broadcasts to your customers and track the results. There are three key steps to sending a campaign to your users; 1) Having some subscribers to send to, 2) Creating an email to send, and finally 3) Sending the campaign and tracking the results.

  • Free Inbox Inspector

  • Free Spam Test

  • Send Time Optimization
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SEMSblast Professional eMail Marketing Platform Made Easy Try It For Free


Build email newsletters. Create campaigns. Send great emails to stay in front of your audience—and offer exactly what they want to see. Personalize your emails based on any contact information you have. When you send exactly what your contacts want to see, your emails feel personal. And more people engage with your emails.

our plans


Whether you’re a small business dead-set on dominating the online world with your inbox expertise, a corporate enterprise with unique needs and demands - looking for a strong infrastructure, reliable service and effective response - we’ve got what you’re looking for!

Personalisation and Dynamic Content

Boost engagement of your subscribers using all available elements to personalize your emails. Use auto-responders to automate campaigns. In a nut shell, an auto responder is a way of sending an email out to a subscriber automatically when they do "something".

Realtime Interactive Graphs

Our interactive graphs show you how many emails were delivered, how many people opened your email, what percentage clicked, and more. View your list growth over time, see where in the world your subscribers are located, then track engagement by country. Find out what attracts people with SEMSblast's email click-map overlay. Are the clicks mostly near the top? Do your subscribers like pictures or text links better? Learn from their habits, so you can better serve them.

Dynamic, Easy API Documentation

SEMSblast's API allows you to adapt your email marketing to fit your workflow. Whether it's time to integrate with a CRM or build your own CMS. Our API offers in-depth documentation, and how-to documents. Almost all the data and functionality within our platform is accessible with an API key, so the possibilities are endless.

Segmentation and Groups

Segmentation and groups make it easy to send people content they care about—and only content they care about. Subscribers can join groups when they sign up for your newsletter, and you can segment by those groups when you’re ready to send. Add hidden groups if you want to segment by internal data.

why choose


  • Deliverability

    We make sure that your emails get delivered to your subscribers. Our email sending servers have deliverability reputation.

    RealTime Feedback

    See exactly exactly what is driving your campaign' success or failure across your audiences. See where they were when they opened it and what device they used.

    Server Reputation

    Our system infrastructure automatically grades and assigns accounts to our different IP's based on a combination of different factors to maintain server reputation.

  • Restrictive Data Center

    We monitor our servers 24/7/365 for performance and security. Our servers are equipped with the latest and newest detection systems, to assure your data is always safe.

    Network Engagement

    With our tools you will be able to turn your social fans into subscribers by including links and adding subscription forms. Capture more leads!

    Expert 24/7 Support

    Our support team is available to answer any question about SEMSblast - Smart eMail Marketing Solution. Just call us or shoot us an email and we promise to get back to you in no time.

our clients


Our customers help spread the word out. Your feed back and comments is what makes the difference to our outstanding performance and development.

  • Stephany Reed
    Marketing - Westchester Insurance

    My company was using another marketing site till I found Sems Blast. Your company is tops, super easy to use platform! I can't believe how much we are saving with your unlimited emailing. So far very pleased with the service, And your site very easy to navigate .

    Charls Oliver
    Sales - Bargain Tires

    Excellent Product! This email marketing interface has been the easiest to use we have found and the lowest rate we have found so far. We are supper pleased with the support and service, continue the great work :).

  • Michael Wolf
    Marketing - Green Tree Lending

    Green Tree Lending has worked with SEMSblast for over 2 years. An all around excellent experience and a must in our business. It has helped us grow within our market with its interface and top support. Thank You

    Madison McClair
    Designer - Freelancer

    All I have to say is you guys at SEMSblast rock! Your free forever package helped me grow this past 6 months, time to move up. I have looked around and your packages are the lowest I have found in the market compared to all you offer. Love the changes you have maid to the website and your interface, keep up the enhancements.

Everything you need to send effective email marketing campaigns is here at SEMSblast!

  • FREE Sign Up - No Credit Card Require
  • Reliable Sending Infrastructure
  • High Volume Sending Capacity
  • Social Media Integration
  • World Class Inbox Delivery Rates
  • Pre-configured Reports & Tracking
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  • From a Spreadsheet (Excel or CSV)
  • By copying and pasting
  • From another Group
  • From Capsule CRM
  • From Zoho CRM
  • From Workbooks CRM
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Partner with the industry leader and earn revenue by introducing your website visitors to SEMSblast - Smart eMail Marketing Solution

Refer Customers

Promote the SEMSblast on your site, facebook, twitter, blogs and we'll reward you for each user that signs up for our free trial*.

Earn Money

Become an SEMSblast affiliate today! When user signs up for SEMSblast paid account after their free trial is over, you'll get paid.

Every email marketing tool you could ever need - in one application.

FAST SETUP - EASY TO DO - QUICK TO LEARN - EFFECTIVE RESPONSE. Reach your customers, grow your business and extend your reach with our advanced email marketing tools and services. From email blast services to social integration: we give you the tools, knowledge and support to not only succeed, but to grow your client base, build a culture of trust, and convert clicks into customers.
All you need to do is upload your list of subscribers. Then use our easy drag and drop email designer to create your first newsletter. When you are ready, hit the "Send" Button and watch in real time as your email gets opened, links clicked, and more!

Whatever your business needs, we have hundreds of email templates just waiting to be filled with your text, ideas and brand colors. Each template is designed to make your message pop and to be mobile-friendly, with no HTML coding know-how required. Show off your artistic side with the ezCreator and drag-and-drop your way to custom messages.
Pricing & Packages
Whatever size your mailing list is, you can send with SEMSblast for less.

If you are just starting out, we have a "Free Forever" package that enables you to send 12,000 emails out to up to 2,000 contacts for no charge. If you need more, you can signup to one of our monthly "Unlimited" sending packages, or even just buy email credits as you need them with no commitment from our Pay as you go option. SEE PACKAGES

Worried about deliverability?

SEMSblast hosts servers in New York, San Francisco, London, Gloucestershire UK, Amsterdam and Singapore to make sure that no matter where you are sending, we've got a server pretty near to your subscribers!

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