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You can only delete campaigns that have been sent, five days after they have been sent. We limit the deleting of campaigns to five days because if you delete a campaign that is still receiving opens and clicks stats are still being accumulated.

Here's how to delete a campaign...

  1. Click the Campaigns tab on the left side of the SEMSblast Control Panel

    Deleting a Campaign
  2. In your list of campaigns, find a campaign that was sent five or more days ago and you will see a drop down option next to VIEW. Click on the drop down to bring up the Delete option.

    Deleting a Campaign 2
  3. Clicking the delete option brings up a delete confirmation popup. If you are sure you want to delete the campaign click the "Delete It" button.

    Deleting a Campaign 3
  4. You will be returned to your list of campaigns, and the campaign you chose to delete will be gone.

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