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Since virtually everyone has an email address, it's easy to get your materials where they need to be. At least, it would be if it weren't for spam filters. Email hosts and websites have gotten pickier about what will and won't make it into the inbox, so if you want your material to be seen, you'll need to be creative about what type of emails you send. Clean them up if you want to be sure your emails will land where they should.

get the widest possible reach for your marketing campaigns with SEMSblast

Separate Large Mailing Lists

Email bots can detect when a large number of emails have been pushed from the same sender, like those sent as part of an email campaign. Those emails are then labeled as spam and sent to the spam folder. Therefore, if you want to ensure your email ends up in the inbox, it makes sense to separate a large email mailing list into chunks so it's less likely to read as a red flag for email hosts and their spam detection software.


Offer an Unsubscribe Link

One of the simplest ways to set your email marketing apart as non-spam is to make sure that the email message includes the chance for the recipient to opt out, otherwise known as an "unsubscribe" list. Email hosts like Google, Yahoo and AOL know that spam emails don't usually come with the option to stop receiving them, which is why a clear and accessible unsubscribe link can go a long way in letting hosts know your emails are kosher. While you obviously don't want users to unsubscribe, making it easy for them to find and use the option can help your emails land in inboxes.


Offer an Email Confirmation

Many email marketing services start with a confirmation sent to a user's email, but have you ever wondered why they need to send that confirmation? For some, it's to confirm that the right person made the right account, but a more compelling reason is that it triggers the email host to view the sender as safe. Therefore, if part of your online ordering process is to enter an email, send one that requires a reply for confirmation. In sending a reply, your email is added to the user's safe list, and you can ensure future marketing materials make their way to the inbox instead of spam.


Clean Up Content

Some spammers utilize large images to sneak text past hosts that would flag certain words as spam. Of course, hosts have now caught on to the process and tend to put large image-filled emails in the spam folder instead. By cleaning up your emails, making sure they contain legitimate news and offers rather than big pictures or bold statements, you'll have a better chance of making it through.


Email marketing campaigns can definitely be effective, but the threat of being relegated to spam can derail your efforts. By sending out honest and helpful marketing materials, you'll have a better chance of those materials ending up in the inbox. We at SEMSblast make sure that your emails get delivered to your subscribers. Our email sending servers infrastructure automatically grades and assigns accounts to our different IP's based on a combination of different factors to maintain server reputation.


We constantly do the following to ensure your emails keep getting through (unless you don't follow the "What you can Do" advice above!)....

  • • We have relationships and follow the technical guidelines given by email service providers such as AOL, Hotmail and Gmail.
  • • We have servers that have been sending email for a long time, and the longer a server sends good email, the more it's trusted around the web.
  • • We use DKIM and SPF keys.
  • • We have multiple servers across the globe which we spread email load over.
  • But most importantly,  we check every account before allowing it to send, and we automatically pause accounts where spam reports are received and our team investigates.

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