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Use the API to retrieve a list of newsletters in a users account.



Submit an XML Request with the following details:

Post URL:


Fields to Post
apiKey String REQUIRED The APIKey of the requesting user.



Data Sent Back
error Int Indicates wether an error has occured. 0 for no error. 1 for error.
status String If there's been an error, a text description of the error that occured will be here.
newsletterCnt Int The total number of email newsletters returned.
----> newsletter    
--------> newsletterID Int The ID of the newsletter.
--------> name String The friendly name of the newsletter.
--------> dateCreated Date Time The date the newsletter was created.
--------> lastUpdated Date Time The date the newsletter was last modified.
--------> newsletterHTML HTML The HTML source code of the newsletter.


Sample request XML



Sample response XML

               <name>Sample Newsletter</name>
               <dateCreated>2014-05-02 12:23</dateCreated>
               <lastUpdated>2014-06-03 11:20</lastUpdated>
               <newsletterHTML><strong>Welcome to our Newsletter</strong>Here is our newsletter</newsletterHTML>

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