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Use the API to add a new email newsletter.



Submit an XML Request with the following details:

Post URL:


Fields to Post
apiKey String REQUIRED The APIKey of the requesting user.
newsletterName String REQUIRED The friendly name of the new newsletter.
newsletterHTML HTML REQUIRED The HTML body of the new newsletter.



Data Sent Back
error Int Indicates wether an error has occured. 0 for no error. 1 for error.
status String If there's been an error, a text description of the error that occured will be here.
newsletterID Int If successful, the ID of the new newsletter will appear here.


Sample request XML

     <newsletterName>Test Newsletters</newsletterName>
     <newsletterHTML><strong>Welcome to our new newsletter</strong><br/><br/>We hope you enjoy it!</newsletterHTML>


Sample response XML


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