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Adding an Auto-Responder which sends automatic emails out to your customers on a schedule, is a pretty simple experience.

Here's how it's done...

  1. On the SEMSblast control panel, click the Auto Responders tab on the left hand side of the site.

  2. Click the "Add an Auto Responder" link on the left hand side of the site, or the big "Add a new Auto Responder" button, top right.
  3. Enter a friendly name for your auto-responder. This is just for your reference.

  4. Add a Sender Name and Email Address. These details will appear on the emails that are sent.

  5. Select the subscriber group that this auto responder will monitor. If you apply an auto-responder to a group that already has subscribers, only new subscribers will receive your auto-responder emails.

  6. Select an email that you have created, which will be sent out automatically, and click the "ADD" Button.

  7. The newsletter you selected will be added below. You can now enter the Email Subject that is sent with the email, and you can select when the email is sent (eg Immediately, or after 7 days).

  8. If you would like to add another email to the series, select another email newsletter in the drop down above, and click add. You can continue repeating this process as much as needed.

  9. Finally, click the SAVE button at the bottom of the auto-responder to save your changes and activate it.

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